Peter Knight

Design, Photography, Marketing
Peter KnightHi, I'm Peter. I'm a graduate of the National College of Art and Design (NCAD, Dublin) and have over 20 years experience managing digital projects at my busy freelance studio, EdenStudios.

I started The 360 Company over 15 years ago as it combines all the hobbies I enjoy including digital design, photography, technology and marketing.

I'm a Google Street View Trusted photographer. I'm married to Rachel and we love to travel and photograph throughout Ireland and the UK for work and fun.

Profile - Peter Knight

Google Maps - Street View Trusted

I have earned the Google Maps Street View Trusted badge for my 360° photography contributions to Google Maps where my photos have reached almost three million views.

As part of the Trusted program, I perform a number of functions and contributions to the worlds most popular mapping service including:

  • Photographing of business premises in 360°
  • Uploading 360° photographs to Google My Business
  • Joining multiple 360° photos into connected Virtual Tours for embed on Google Maps/Street View
  • Adding and editing of locations and business listings

About EdenStudios

As owner/manager of EdenStudios, my skills and work span design, development and digital marketing. I have worked with every size and shape of client from global Fortune 500 companies to local businesses and SMEs. I am hired by marketing teams and business owners to:

  • increase their website conversion rates
  • improve their website ranking on Google
  • create digital marketing and content strategies
  • design, develop and market web sites
  • build web-based business applications