How to: Share a 360 photo on Facebook

Facebook have made it remarkably easy to add a 360 degree photograph to your Facebook business page. Read our complete 'how to' to upload and share your first 360 Photo.
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There are two ways to add an image to a Facebook post. Since I prefer the drag and drop method, I usually create a new post by clicking in the area titled 'Write something' or 'What's on your mind?'.

Create a 360 post
Start with a basic post

Drag and drop your image directly into your Facebook post. 

Drag and Drop the 360 image into Facebook
Drag and drop your 360 Photo

At this point, Facebook will begin processing your image as a 360 Photo. The small globe icon in the middle of the progress upload circle tell us that Facebook recognises this image as a special 360 panoramic format and is preparing to handle it differently than a normal photo.

Facebook's 360 icon and uploading status
Upload progress and 360 Photo indicator icon

Once the image is uploaded, it will display a small square preview image. Note the 360 icon in the bottom right hand corner. 

360 Photo Thumbnail
Your preview

New: Setting the intial view. 
Once your 360 has been uploaded, you can hover over the thumbnail to enable some 360 settings as indicated by a circle and brush icon above.

Edit settings icon
Edit the 360 settings

By default, Facebook will set the intial view of your 360 image to the center of the photo but you can change this to another view of your choice by clicking the image.

Set an initial view on a 360 Photo
Select starting view

A pop-up preview will appear of your 360 degree scene. Click and drag the photo to your desired starting view and select Save. Congratulations - you've just shared your first 360 image on Facebook!

Previewing the image
Some fo you have been asking if it's possible to preview the photo before posting. I find you have two options here depending on wether the 360 is posted to a Facebook Page or a personal account. 

  • On a personal account
    You can simply select the audience as Private which allows you to publish the photo to your wall
  • On a Facebook Business Page
    Instead of hitting the Publish button, select the Save Draft option. You can then preview your 360 by visiting Publishing Tools > Drafts and clicking your post title.
Preview the 360 image
Desktop and Mobile preview

Note the tabs at the top of the pop-up window. Facebook allows you to preview the 360 Photo in both Desktop Preview and Mobile Preview mode.

Finally, when you're done, your 360 image should look like the screenshot below.

The finished 360 Photo post
All done - start sharing with your audience


View this 360 Photo on Facebook
If you'd like to see this exact image of the Westin Hotel on Facebook, you can preview it here.




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