Powersourt Centre in 360°

Home to some of the cities best shops, cafes and small businesses, The Powerscourt Centre off South William St. is one of Dublins best places to shop, meet friends or while away a few hours with a coffee.
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One Tuesday I was on-site at the Powerscourt Centre and took a 360° photo of this elegant Georgian building. Originally a Townhouse, today it's a nicely sized shopping centre with over 40 shops and restaurants. I've always wanted a chance to photograph Powerscourt and managed this one just before the lunch crowds appeared.

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A view from the staircase overlooking the central area with it's surrounding cafes, shops and restaurants.

About the Powercourt Centre

Boasting over 40 shops and restaurants, the centre has everything to offer from food, bars, arts and tours to beauty, fashion jewellery and antiques, Powerscourt Townhouse Centre is the ultimate shopping mecca, housed in a stunning Georgian building the ever bustling on South William Street, Dublin.
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Powerscourt Centre is a speciality shopping centre set in an elegant Georgian house centrally located just off Grafton Street.Formally, 59 South William Street was home to Richard Wingfield 3rd Viscount Powerscourt (1730-1788) and his wife Lady Amelia, who bought the Townhouse to entertain guests during Parliament season. Back then, the building was a house for parties, and very much lives up to that reputation nowadays!
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